Dos & Donts to Consider Before your Visit to India

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Your trip to India is bound to be great. However, it isn’t a country that you see such as the developed countries of the west. This country is still in its developing stage and your experience can be even more exciting as long as you know the dos and don’ts about India. Here are a few basic ones you should know.


  1. Greet Formally with Namaste – India’s formal way of greeting one another is with a namaste. Make sure you greet the locals with this gesture as they will respect you back with the same gesture.
  2. Offer Tips – Make sure you leave behind some form of tip while staying in a hotel and eating in a restaurant. Tipping in India is considered as a cultural part.
  3. Before Entering a Home Remove your Shoes – If you’re been invited at someone’s home, make sure you leave your footwear outside.


  1. Do not Reveal Clothes – This one is for women. It is important you do not reveal or flash your body part in public. In case the weather is too hot, consider wearing clothes made of soft materials such as silk, linen, and cotton.
  2. No Physical Contact – Majority of the Indians greet one another with a gesture such as namaste. Avoid introducing yourself with shaking hands.
  3. Avoid Using Left Hand While Eating – According to the Indian culture, eating with left hand is considered as unhygienic. It will be hard however, not impossible to eat with your right hand even if you’re a lefty.

Make sure you follow these simple dos and don’ts in order to have great India tour experience.

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