Disaster Planning With a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

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Your business may be a thriving place to experience consistent growth. During this period grow revenues and increase profits, it may seem like nothing can go wrong.

Of course, assuming that attitude is naive, as every savvy entrepreneur knows. You can contact DominionTech if you're looking for BCP service.

Do your business is booming or going through a period of adjustment, it is highly recommended you strategize and create a business continuity plan. If your business does not have a formal plan in place, it's time to create one.

A BCP (Business Continuity Plan) provides a framework for ensuring business operations run regardless of virtually any possible or unforeseen events that occur in its absence.

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In the plan, critical business operations are identified, there should be interference, will destroy the consequences on your business.

Priority is made to keep the business components running and, should a disruption occur, a BCP defines (in order of priority and the chain of command) how to keep your business fully operational while minimizing downtime.

The critical technology component consists of all assets (including people) used to facilitate core business processes, as well as support for employee productivity applications and IT infrastructure to manage these critical applications throughout your enterprise.

The degree of impact down the core business processes must also be considered in the BCP are advanced.

Consider the cost of far-reaching importance of the process of going offline. For example, your company can use an accounting application that produces daily financial reports for clients.

At one level, the only employees affected are those kept idle because they can not use the application. However, should the network go down when the management company is set to attend a board meeting, without important financial statements, the consequences are significant.

Applications that improve productivity have a different impact on business operations. Customer contacts can be stored in a specific database.

How can they continue without this database? If the solution is pen and paper, a high potential for important business contact information will be lost.

From a different perspective, if your business relies on the Internet to establish business contacts around the world and the Web site crashes, the recovery effort becomes impossible because the information had not been detained in the first place.

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