Disadvantages Of Wi-Fi Network

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File-sharing transport speed is usually deliberate by means of a wireless set of connections as compared with the wired network. The pace of transmission can also fluctuate according to the current position corresponding to the set-up. There are so many managed IT services are available for various organizations to maintain all kinds of network services.

There are several disadvantages of having Wi-Fi network are enlisted below that sometimes organizations face during transmission of data or files.

Disaqdvantages Wi-Fi

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Security Concerns:

One of the most unsecured Wi-Fi networks for the reason that a person is unaware of what type of users are associated with the network and these are mainly weak and chances of hacking increases. 

Limited Range:

Secondly, it the weakest mode of connection and usually has the problem of range due to the reason for the multi-storeyed structure of buildings.

Interference Signals:

The 2.4 GHz is the universal frequency at which Wi-Fi devices are operating and sometimes are messed up or slow down because of the foreign exchange or other electromagnetic barriers in between an individual and the Wi-Fi source.

 Use Of Bandwidth:

The number of devices that are associated with it is inversely proportional to the bandwidth and it is the major drawback of the Wi-Fi at the place of work.

Slower Than LAN:

Wireless LAN is slower as compared to the wired networks as the majority of the wireless signals either dispersed or vanished by reason of peripheral EMF.

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