Different Styles Of Sunrooms

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Sunroom, conservatory, solarium, garden room, greenhouse, great room, patio room, California room, Florida room, patio enclosure, screen enclosure…No other room has so many different names, many of which are interchangeable. You can navigate to online resources and find out more information about  swimming pool enclosures.

Along with the assortment of titles is represented in the diversity of styles of sunrooms accessible.

Pool Enclosures

A normal sunroom is distinguished from other chambers from the quantity of glass used – in reality, around 90 percent of several sunrooms are contained entirely of glass.

But Some sunrooms utilize much less glass-which distinguishes the initial Type of sunroom:

Glass Roof

Strong roof (non-glass)

Blend roof (glass and strong )

The form of the roof is also a distinguishing element. There are two choices:

Studio design has become the most popular fashion, including a flat roof which might or might not incline away from your property.

Cathedral design is an A-shape which has a sloping roof and vaulted ceilings.

Along with the form of the roof, the next decision is your eave style. The eave is that the lower edge of the roof, situated where the wall meets the roof. There are two fashions:

Curved eave

Directly eave

As stated previously, lots of the titles to get a sunroom are synonymous and reflect different uses of this space.



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