Diatomaceous Earth – A Natural Chemical

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Diatoms are formed by the creatures that died thousands year back.  These sea creatures died by the leaving behind skeletons which collected at the bottom of the sea. Then the seas dried up and the deposits came up on the land. Through various mining these buried skeletons introduced as Diatomaceous Earth. Visit online to know the food grade diatomaceous earth reviews and its benefits.

These deposits are found in two ways firstly in the form of a powder and another is in the form of a filtration powder that is used in swimming pool systems. Diatomaceous Earth has unlimited uses. Filtered Diatomaceous Earth is used in swimming pool filters and is also used as a natural substance that absorbs water easily.

Diatomaceous Earth is a white powder and has many super powers and is also known as Shell Flour. The filtered Diatomaceous Earth is used for swimming pool filtration to clean the pool on daily basis. Swimming pool has crystals which are used in the pool for everyday use.

Diatomaceous Earth is used for -

1) AGRICULTURE – Diatomaceous Earth is used for storing grain crops and in maintaining livestock. It is added to grains to prevent insect and pesticides from damaging them.  

2) INSECT CONTROL – Diatomaceous Earth is used to control insects as it is very safe and do not harm anyone. Diatomaceous Earth is formed from the buried part of skeletons and other buried creatures.

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