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If you are fond of eating truffles, then chances are you have probably come across some of these beautiful, delicious, colorful, and delightful little gems in the past. But while a truffle looks pretty much like a small black mushroom, there is an important difference between a truffle and what you might be familiar with as regular mushrooms.

A truffle often called a truffle because of its shape, is actually the fruit of a subterranean aspartophytic fungus, primarily one of several species of the genus Thiophanomyces. Also known as earth mushrooms, these fungi make their homes underneath rocks or in crevices where sunlight is blocked out by other lighter vegetation. Some of them can even grow up to six inches underground and reach maturity when they emerge from the soil.

While there are many species of these fungi that produce truffles, only two of them actually resemble a typical mushroom. The main difference between a truffle and its ordinary cousin lies in its casing, which typically has a whitish-yellow or whitish-green appearance. In addition to being whitish in color, a truffle also has a thin rind, usually covered with a slimy film.

Among the most common types of truffles available in the Black Truffle, which is harvested in Italy and found all around the world. There are also various Black Truffles that are harvested in Switzerland and the U.K. These mushrooms have a rich, smoky flavor and are often used in cooking and desserts, like in Black Russian Cookies or in ice cream and sorbets. The Black Truffle comes in many shapes, including the famous, round truffles that were once only available from Switzerland. Other truffle variations can include the "piano truffle" (which is around mushroom that has its center ring in a very small hole), the "pumpkin" truffle (which resembles a pumpkin with its skin and seeds in the center), the "lollipop" truffle (also known as the Halloween truffle) and the "peach" truffle (which are made in California).

These truffles come in many different grades, and the highest quality is usually reserved for the ones that are produced in Switzerland and Italy. The highest quality truffles, however, tend to be sold at specialty stores, and specialty shops, because they are much harder to find than the average variety. Most of the higher grade varieties are sold only as a souvenir because they are so rare and therefore, more expensive.

If you want to add a touch of truffle to your food or in your cooking, try a pinch of black truffle salt on crackers or any other snack. In fact, black truffle salt is one of only a few ingredients that can be included in the making of a delicious black bread crust or soup.

Other ways you can use a pinch of black truffle salt is in the making of bread pudding. If you don't have truffles on hand, you can substitute a combination of cheese and yogurt for the fungi and use it to create a delicious crust on top of your favorite fruit. Another good use is for making a truffle coating for salads, fruit sorbets, chocolate bars, muffins, sandwiches, and pastries but doesn't forget the toppings!

If you do not have truffles on hand, you can also substitute a mixture of cream cheese and sugar for the truffles. This will give you a great treat for a party or just as an occasional treat when you're feeling extra generous.

If you happen to be looking for a great appetizer to use the truffles in, there are a number of recipes that call for them. You may have already tried some of the traditional recipes using this salt such as Fresh Fruit, Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Carrot Cake.

Truffles also go great with the cheesiest sauces and candies and are even often used in cooking to give them a unique flavor. Some recipes use them in place of cocoa to give a taste that's very close to chocolate.

These days, people are not only using chocolate truffles as a food ingredient but as a special occasion gift option. For example, truffles are a popular option to give for anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings because it gives the recipient something that is unusual and special at a reasonable price.

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