Common Reasons Why Cats Spray Inside the House

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It will definitely feel so annoying to find your newly polished floor messed up with your cat spraying inside house. If this is your problem, well do not fret, as this is almost every cat owner’s problem especially during the early days of raising or taking a cat for a house pet. Remember- even kids are having problems with toilet training and controlling their urge to urinate… how much more with cats?

Possible Causes of Cat Spraying Inside the House

If your cat has never been trained to spray in proper places, then definitely you have to train them as to where they should pee. They should develop this habit if you are training them regularly with this routine. You can see some videos online on how to stop cats from spraying inside the house.

However, if your cat has suddenly developed this spraying problem, it may be caused by something medical in etiology. The most common causes are lower urinary tract infection and bladder stones. These conditions make the cat spray in places where it doesn’t usually eliminate because it cannot control the urge to spray. You may also notice several signs and symptoms which can point out to these issues such as blood in the urine, increased urination frequency, straining during elimination, etc. In some cases, your cat may need urinalysis to identify if crystals are present in the urine.

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