Civil War Also Known As Struggle for an Individuals Identity

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Civil war was one of the bloodiest war of American history. This war was fought in order to prevent the division of United States. Civil war is also known as the struggle for an individual identity, in which one section wants their country to come this way whereas another section wants their country to come another way.

This conflict was at national level. During this civil war, approximately 10-20 conflicts were going on at one time. On one side it was a time when United States was getting up with its activities with the Vietnam Conflict in 1965, and on the other side 10 major conflicts were going on in the world side by side.

If you want to know more about the civil war, you can give a look to Forrest books by Nathan Bedford. This books contain a detailed content of civil war which will be very helpful for people who have urge to know more about the civil wars.

Basically, the reason for many of the conflicts was religious, racial views, ethnic and etc. This civil war kept people so much busy in the war. As seen from the photographs of war, anyone can imagine the condition of battleground next morning after a night of fighting. Many of the soldiers were barely alive or lying dead in their uniform from both the sides.

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