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An Exec Condominium (EC) consists of an unusual yet potentially lucrative alternative for very first time house buyers. Without a doubt, frequently lauded as the perfect house for the Singaporean sandwich course– those that essentially gain way too much to qualify for an HDB yet not quite enough to buy an apartment– the Executive Condo is a public-private hybrid showing both the eye-catching prices of public housing and also the premium comfort of exclusive condos.

The Executive Condominium ends up being an apparent option for those Singaporeans that could pay for a little greater than an HDB but can not extend to a private house. Nevertheless, if you remain in the circumstance where your financial resources enable you making a choice in between an executive condominium and a private one, then the decision is a little tougher. To this end, we shall set out specifically in just what scenario, and under just what conditions you could intend to offer Exec Condominiums a chance before rushing going heels right into the economic sector. We can also go to to gather more info. 

Eligibility for an Exec Condo

First of all, an Exec Condo comes with strings attached, and while a more thorough account shall be supplied later, it is necessary to understand from the start that some of the most strict limitations ensure that a great quantity of people could not apply for this special type of flat to begin with. So, before we go any kind of more let's see if an Executive Condo is on the cards for you to begin with.

You could use if you fulfill the complying with criteria:

Your family income must not be over $14000.

You are a Singaporean Citizen.

You have not owned any sort of property, in your area or overseas, in the last 30 months and you do not possess any kind of commercial property currently.

You have actually not owned more than one HDB/DBSS or EC level formerly.

You likewise have to drop under one of the adhering to schemes:.

Public System: you use either with your partner (and kids, if any kind of), your parents (as well as siblings, if any kind of), or exclusively with your kids (given that you have lawful guardianship).

Solitary plan: you are using on your own, as a single.

Future husband system: you are applying with your fiance.

Orphan scheme: you are an orphan and you are using with a brother or sister.

Finally …

If you are using under the solitary system as detailed over you will certainly need to be 35 years or older whilst an age of a minimum of 21 will be enough if you are using under any of the other plans.

If you are making an application for either the Orphan, the Future husband or the general public scheme, then a minimum of one co-applicant should be either a Singapore Person or a Singapore Permanent Local.

If you have survived the reasoning over, passage is granted to request an Executive Condominium.

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