Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet

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There are many types of friendship bracelets, ranging from the easy to the difficult and complicated. One type is a friendship bracelet candy stripes. Candy stripe friendship bracelets are the easiest of the bracelet can be designed in-house with ease.

Even the first maker can make it very easy. If someone wants to make a bracelet candy stripe, he can find plenty of books on the bracelet made available on the market and can look for designs, tips, and hints for making online as well. You can check this out to know about paracord jigs which are used to make bracelets.

What materials and tools you will need to make a friendship bracelet candy stripe? All you need is embroidery thread, tape, safety pins, and a clipboard, scissors, and tape measure. Embroidery thread colors depending on your choice and love of color.

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How to make candy stripe friendship bracelets?

This method can be divided into several smaller steps are different. Start by cutting the three strands. Each piece must be a different color of embroidery thread. The length of each piece should be about three feet. Measure the length of using a measuring tape.

To keep the strands fixed to some point to have support while you make the bracelets, either fix it with a clipboard, masking tape on the table or with your pants using a pin. Spread the yarn evenly.

The leftmost strand of embroidery threads to be brought a second strand and then behind it, and then bring it to the front of the thread. It will make a half hitch knot. Use the same thread to the knot around the second strand and then on a third strand.

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