Buying Cars at Discount Prices

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If you want to buy a car at a discount, your best bet is to find a good car dealer who has worked with someone in your family or friends. I suggest you ask who those closest to you have recommended before you even think about buying a car. Oftentimes, just because someone knows you or a family member is more likely to get you good business.

So if you go to the dealership and are looking for a dream car, the next thing you need to look for is a car whose model is nearing the end of the year. For example, buy a 2010 and 2010 model year truck somewhere in October to November or December. Most car dealers want to get rid of excess inventory at the end of the year and often give you a better deal on a vehicle towards the end of the year because they want to clear the books of unused or unsold vehicles.

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Lastly, negotiate with the car dealer when you find the car you want. They will often tell you they can give you a suggested price, but they will keep coming back to you throughout the afternoon, offering you a lower price every time you threaten. Therefore, I suggest that you don't go to the dealership thinking you're buying a car and always be ready to go for a walk if the offer doesn't suit you.

If you can prove to the dealer that you have money in your pocket, you will most likely always be offered the lowest price for the car because it's worth it. So show them that you are ready to buy, but also ready when you need them. Don't get emotionally attached to the car or model, as these are available for purchase at more than one dealer in town. Often when you go to our city, bigger or smaller, you can find a better deal by letting them know you're ready to go to see what they have to offer.


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