Best Laser Eye Surgery In Sydney

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As we get older our eyes go through a procedure of ageing. You may first start to observe your near vision getting a bit worse and that you need to hold things a little closer. To find best laser eye surgery you can browse online.

Then you may need to start wearing reading glasses; this is called presbyopia. This is where the lens within the eye cannot flex as well as when we are young and not capable to bend into focus and the lens starts to get cloudy.

As our eyes age further the lens becomes stiff and rigid and very gloomy, this is called cataracts. If not detected early, cataracts can get so terrible you may not be able to see through them and you lose the capability to see clearly, navigate, distinguish between colours and lose contrast.


Ideally, before it gets that bad we would recommend performing cataract surgery to restore your vision. The main aim of cataract surgery is to get rid of the old lens and restore it with a new artificial intraocular lens (IOL) to get better your vision. A lot of people know about cataracts but aren’t clear on what the surgery really involves.

The initial stage of cataract surgery is for the eye surgeon to sparkling and numb the eye and to also dilate the pupil; this is to help the eye surgeon see the cataract visibly. The eye is held open throughout the process with a speculum.

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