Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets Brand

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Egyptian cotton sheets are one of the high end luxury items that is starting to become available to those at lower income levels… or are they? Today, you can go to any big box store and see rows of sheets labeled “Egyptian cotton”, but is it the truth? What brands can you really trust to deliver you the real thing, the high end luxury thing that was previously out of reach?

The truth is that if you're looking at your sheets at Wal-Mart or Target, you're being lied to. While these may be truly sheets made of cotton sourced from Egypt, they're certainly not the same high quality cotton that is associated with the name. You can find these and more brands here:

The Egyptian cotton you're thinking of is actually ELS cotton or “extra long staple” cotton. This means that the fibers of ELS cotton are longer than standard cotton that is most widely produced and it won't pill or tear as easily as it will. 

The high end ELS cotton sheets that you're looking for aren't found in stores like Wal-Mart or Target; they're found in higher end stores such as Macy's or Neiman Marcus or Saks 5th Avenue. As for the best brands of Egyptian cotton sheets, you're looking for Sferra, Peter Reed, Ralph Lauren, and Peacock Alley.

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