Benefits and Side Effects of Medical Marijuana

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In ancient times, many plants and leaves are used as a medicine to treat various diseases. Marijuana is the dried leaves, stems and seeds from the plant known as cannabis. This is widely used in ancient times hundreds of years ago and it gain a lot of popularity at that time. The medicine of marijuana is used to relief various kinds of pain, in stress relief and relieving muscle tension and numbness. There are various ways through one can use marijuana like in smoking, in extracts or in capsules. The usage of marijuana can relief pain and alter the mood and also relief anxiety but at the same time, it also negatively affect the short term memory and causes dryness of the mouth.

There is some of the dispensary operating in various parts of the world and you can find a medical marijuana dispensary if you are living in a country where the usage of marijuana is not considered as unlawful or illicit. As only 23 states have declared the usage of this medicine as illegal while in other countries it is prohibited to use. So if law of your country has not declared it illegal then you can get the medical marijuana from the dispensary but if it is illegal then operating this dispensary can cause legal action against you by the federal government.

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