Becoming a Medical Audio Transcriptionist

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As a medical audio transcriptionist, you have two options in how you choose to work. You can obtain a job in a company as an employee or you can work as an independent contractor. Employee status is self explanatory. Just like any other job, you work set hours, receive a paycheck with taxes withheld, and may have benefits available to you. As an independent medical audio transcriptionist, you have greater flexibility with your schedule, are responsible for your taxes, and will not be offered benefits by the company you have the contract with.

We all know that the time it takes to find a job can be high. The economic downturn has hurt industries across the board. Medical audio transcription has not been spared. Starting a job hunt now is a daunting process, and as the months go by, it gets scarier by the day.

I am pleased to announce that many new jobs’ database are available online! There are many large job networks available and are used by both Myspace Jobs and Facebook. There are over 6 million jobs available, but the real bonus is the 1000 jobs for medical audio transcriptionists! Jobs are sorted by date, so the top jobs are always absolutely current.

They are easy to use with the ability to search for specific job types and a radius search that can be used for city, state, and zip code. Again, the jobs are current, so there is no culling through outdated jobs. You apply for the jobs. There is no personal information stored; no resume to fill out. Finding and applying for a job is safe and easy.

Employers and recruiters will want to take advantage of the packages available to post their jobs. The deals are great and the highly targeted premier placement guarantees that the most qualified people for the job are responding to your needs. Your listings will automatically be posted at the top before other jobs from the network are shown.

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