An Overview of PDF Documents

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These days, every computer has some sort of application that is able to read PDF files, for example, Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader and so on. PDF has become the most popular format. If users have free PDF readers, then they do not have issues in viewing PDF.

PDF (Portable Document Format) looks so good on the screen, reading a PDF document is just like reading a book, the only distinction is that books come in paper whilst PDF is on screen. Which means PDF appears exactly like paper. Also, you can easily convert PDF to word format  using an online PDF converter.

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That's why so many users scan paper as PDF format or write PDF eBook instead of publishing a book. Not only books, statements, bills, contract, job applications, also government data may be stored in PDF format. Also, there are a few reasons PDF became a standard.

1. Everybody can see PDF files if they have PDF Reader

When we understand, PDF-format is rich in file integrity; in spite of the applications used to create these formats, a PDF reader may be the sole requirement to view PDF files. It might look the exact same in different operating systems.

2. Have great protection

The PDF file can be protected by either owner or password. Whoever owns a PDF file can set restrictions of printing or copying, or perhaps create an opening password. Only the licensed person can read.

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