An Introduction To Cuban Cigar Market

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Hence there exists a very profitable market for importing and distributing Cuban cigars into cigar-lovers worldwide. There are many brands of Cuban cigars available.

A lot of men and women assume that the distribution of Cuban cigars on U.S. soil remains prohibited. The fact of the matter is, even though there are certain restrictions placed on the importing of cigars from Cuba, there's absolutely no outright law forbidding their presence.

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Cuban cigar

Though there's really no law governing the importation of Cuban cigars for private use, a large business has been fined, occasionally, for the selling or distributing of large volumes of Cuban cigars to the public. 

Fines are a rare occurrence, however. Many private settings that sell Cuban cigars, like hotels or casinos, have experienced little or no problems through recent years.

In the past few decades, there has been a growing black market for fake Cuban cigars. The majority of the time they are not hard to spot due to their inferior quality and appearance, but occasionally there have been Cuban imitations which are more challenging to regulate. 

The only means to guarantee the high quality and authenticity of a purchase is to take proper care to go to a reputable, dependable dealer of Cuban cigar products.


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