All you need to know about MRI

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High Field open MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a scanning method developed primarily for use in medicine to provide doctors with the ability to look at all kinds of body organs and structures including soft tissues. MRI is arguably the best advance in diagnostic medical techniques over the last century.

MRI is a diagnostic procedure that uses magnetic and radio waves to create detailed pictures of the body's structures (like soft tissues), without using X-rays or other kind of radiation. In UK Many clinics provides services like MRI, Blood Tests & Soft Tissue Injection ServiceS.

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How does MRI Scan work?

A standard MRI Scan takes between thirty minutes and one hour. To do a MRI scan, the patient is firmly positioned on a sliding imaging table inside a large MRI chamber.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exploits the atomic magnetic alignments of different atoms within a magnetic field to create images. An MRI machine is made of large magnets that generate magnetic fields around the goal of analysis.

These magnetic fields cause paramagnetic atoms like hydrogen, gadolinium, and manganese to align themselves in a magnetic dipole across the magnetic fields, created from the radiofrequency (RF) coils inside the MRI machine.

What the machine captures from the subject is that the comfort of the atoms as they return to their normal alignment once the RF pulse is temporarily stopped. With this information, a computer will create a picture of the topic based on the resonance characteristics of different tissue types.

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