All About Hygienic Cladding

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A material with which many people are unfamiliar, hygienic cladding has become a popular solution in numerous environments where hygiene must be the number one priority. Typically made of a durable uPVC material, the hygienic cladding in Central Coast can be used in all manner. 

When properly installed, the surface is waterproof and seamless, meaning that water cannot penetrate into the substrate and harbour bacteria and nor can there be any structural damage caused by lingering moisture content. 

Perhaps more critically in the environments where such cladding is usually most important, the seamless design and smooth finish around fittings and fixtures in the room prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface. The material can be thoroughly cleaned and there is very minimal risk of contamination.

The applications for such wall cladding are incredibly diverse. First and foremost, areas which need to bring their bacterial levels down to the absolute minimum are often reliant on a material which can easily be cleaned: hospitals, doctor's surgeries, swimming pools and leisure facilities top this list, choosing hygienic PVC cladding for their interior surfaces. 

Food environments are also large consumers of the product, such as supermarkets, high street food store, restaurants, hotels, and those involved in production – such as dairies, breweries or drink suppliers. 

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