All About Cultured Freshwater Pearls

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Unlike natural pearls that arise directly and natural way in oysters and are the rarity now, cultured pearls arise also in oysters but with some people assistance. A little mental muscle is surgically inserted into the oysters and left in ponds, rivers, sea or lakes to develop naturally. You can also buy beautiful small shark tooth satellite cast necklace by clicking here.

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Sometimes, the oysters are taken from water to test pearls expansion.  Pearl farms continuously track the growth and quality of cultured pearls however we humans have little or no hands-on pearls creation or its own development as this is a natural process and more so, due to climatic and climatic conditions, it’s completely left to Nature

Alteration between cultured Akoya pearls and cultured freshwater pearls would be your culturing technique and the kind of oysters they develop in.  Additionally, Akoya-cultured pearls are grown in seawater and cultured freshwater pearls are developed in rivers, ponds, and lakes.

It requires a lesser period to develop cultured freshwater pearls, which will be about 2-4 years compared to Akoya-cultured pearls.  The freshwater pearls oyster usually brings about 7-8 pearls in the harvesting period, therefore there’s more generation of cultured freshwater pearls compared to their cousin’s Akoya cultured pearls.

Akoya cultured pearls caliber is famous world over and quite famous but using recent enhanced culturing techniques the grade of cultured freshwater pearls is enhanced significantly.

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