Advanced Diagnostic Testing For Digital Mammography

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Mammograms are now being offered in digital format to increase the accuracy and resolution of the procedure. Beyond generating better images for breast cancer screening and detection, digital mammograms offer a new tool for doctors with this form of advanced diagnostic imaging.

Diagnostic imaging centers can integrate every examination into a comprehensive, holistic medical record matched to each patient. There are various online sources from where you can find thebest advanced diagnostic testing in your city.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

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Imaging Integration For Total Care

When it comes to cancer treatment, doctors, oncologists, and specialists for treatment teams to tackle this complex condition. The integration of digital imaging with a patient’s electronic medical record is a vital resource for advanced diagnostic imaging.

Sharing information in this regard helps to eliminate errors and foster closer collaboration among healthcare providers. Changing care providers or adding doctors to a team becomes easier now that any doctor, with permission, can access the findings of every medical exam a patient is undergoing.

Building Accurate, Accessible Patient Records

Digital exam records form the basis of a patient’s medical record in the information age. Records are no longer folders stuffed with X-ray film sheets and mounds of paper that are only accessible by the staff of one facility.Gone are the days of requested transcripts being transmitted to new doctors and waiting for days as medical staff meticulously copy every piece of information for delivery.

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