About Wedding Guest Book and Pen Sets

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Having a guestbook at your wedding reception is a great way to keep in touch with all your guests after the party has ended and you can then send each and everyone a personal thank you card or call them up just to talk about the memories you shared on the magical night of your event.

Try picking a guestbook and pen set that not only fits well with your theme but also enhances your theme with its elegance and stylized beauty.

All Occasion Lavender Guest Book:

The gorgeous pastel lavender color of the publication makes it the ideal accent in many parties and social occasions, not just weddings. You can visit https://www.favorcreations.com/pensets to buy pen sets.

The cover is adorned with a number of hearts to remind everybody of the reason why you are having such a distinctive party.

Calla Lily Pen Set with Crystal Accents

My entire Heart Guest Book:

This beautiful white satin guest book has sixty-four pages and space for more than eight hundred guests to register and give you a very special private opinion.

The most appealing part of the guestbook is your rhinestone double core brooch that signifies the bond that you and your partner have entered into with this classic day of celebration and joy.

Seaside Jewels Pen Set:

This pencil set goes perfectly with a beach themed wedding, which is something which has become an extremely trendy thought at modern weddings.

This pencil is put at a classy foundation of seashells and shore imagery that brings the serene of the sea and the warmth of bright beach sand into your wedding.

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