A Guide To Choosing The Right Automatic Door For Your Needs

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When the time comes to choose the right commercial door for your project or facility, you will find that your decision is very big. Several factors are beyond your control, such as certain standards and regulations. 

However, there are a number of other factors that you need to consider before choosing an automatic door. These factors include the type of facility, the type of customer who will see the facility, the amount of traffic, the location of the facility, and others. Studying the different types of doors available will help you choose the right door for your project. Here is a breakdown of your options:

Sliding Doors: 

These are great for incoming traffic and can also be an effective way of controlling one-way traffic i.e. one door is used for entry and the other is used for exiting. This type of adaptability makes this door suitable for almost any environment. If you are also thinking to install sliding doors in Toronto visit https://prolocksmiths.com/products/automatic-doors/ and make your premises more comfortable for your costumers to come in and go out.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Automatic Door for Your Needs - Professionals Services

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Swinging Doors:

This is typically used for a one-way pedestrian scenario. Most often, one door is used for entry and the other for exit. If you need swing doors for two-way transportation applications this discussion should take place during prior consultations with architects and designers. One way to effectively use this type of two-way traffic construction is to use a remote switch or push plate that activates the remote door before someone approaches.


Everyone loves revolving doors, right? These doors can be manual or automatic and have proven effective in heavy traffic when a constant need to enter / exit. They can also be useful for providing airlocks to control energy costs.

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