A Brief Info About The Tbilisi Zoo

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Georgia also provides its contribution to conservation of nature and natural resources. Georgia’s largest and oldest zoo is available in Tbilisi Georgia. This zoo was founded in the year 1927 and is very popular among the people of Georgia as it is one the most visited tourist spots. There was a heavy flood in the year 2015 which lead to a major damage to the inhabitants in Tbilisi Zoo.

Before the flood, the zoo was occupied by more than 300 species and it was approximately 120 hectares of land. There are steps being taken to recover the zoo from its loss. The zoo consists of more than 1000 animals and it is visited by more than 500,000 people every year. Tourists also find this as a very good attraction part in Tbilisi Georgia.

The funding of the zoo is mainly from the city budget and also expect donations from many people. The world society for protection of Animals is also providing resources for the preservation of animals in Tbilisi Zoo. The infrastructure of the zoo is being renovated after the major flood that happened in the year 2015. In Tbilisi Georgia, the Zoo is the major attraction for the people and they like to spend time there. 

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