A Brief Info About MetLife International Performance

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Located in the United States, MetLife has succeeded in expanding its business operation to more than 60 countries in the whole world. Outside of the United States, MetLife has spread its wings to Japan, South Korea, Chile Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. MetLife actually has already lead the market positions in Mexico, Japan, South Korea and Chile but it does not seem to slow down even a bit in the sales of its MetLife Insurance products.

On March 8, 2010, MetLife announced its plan to purchase the international leader life-insurance business namely the American Life Insurance Company (Alico). Short after the completion of the purchase, MetLife turned into a leading competitor in Japan, the world’s second-largest life insurance market. MetLife also managed to climb up to a top 5 market position in many high growth emerging markets in different countries such as Romania, the Middle East and Latin America. The deal added an extra 20 million customers to the existing MetLife’s 70 million customers. Furthermore, MetLife’s Indian affiliate company, which is called the India Insurance Company Limited (MetLife), has made an agreement with the Punjab National Bank, an Indian local bank, which will sell MetLife Insurance products in all of its branches.

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