What Exactly Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

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If you've had a dispute, contact your local attorney to find out your rights. You and your attorney have checked the law and facts, and have had your best experience in court. The idea is that proper use of evidence, good lawyers and courts will fix it and justice will be served. If you are looking for the best alternative dispute resolution services visit https://stat11.ca/dispute-resolution-services/.


Arbitration is the most formal of modern ADR dispute resolution methods. For example, if you choose to have an arbitrator, that person will conduct the hearing as if you were in court. However, arbitration rules are very different from what you might see in a courtroom, while also providing you with a formal trial process. 

Arbitration is not a new concept and it is not just for sports teams. It has been used by government agencies for years with varying degrees of success. Businesses started using it more than 100 years ago, and merchants around the world have been using it for thousands of years. 

Perhaps the most common place to find private-sector arbitration in Florida is in corporate housing and housing disputes, labor disputes, or contract disputes. Arbitration can be binding or non-binding, and many contracts contain arbitration clauses that must be enforced before traditional litigation can take place.

There are several advantages to resolving your dispute. First, as noted above, you have the right to choose who will try your case instead of being randomly appointed by a judge. Second, arbitration shortens the timeframe for your case. This allows you to plan your case instead of having to walk around the court calendar. 


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