Things to Know About Renting a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

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Think about renting a soft service machine? Sweet! They really turn a big party to be extraordinary! Below are listed some things that need to be considered when you plan to use a soft-dish machine for receiving your wedding, birthday party, or other events. You can consider the high tech ice cream machine at

1. Transportation: Most rental companies require you to choose the machine and restore them to them. This seems quite simple – but be sure to bring the workforce you need to lift it (generally two to three strong people), because most soft serve machines usually weigh around 220 pounds. 

2. Electricity: Some rental companies serve soft lease Taylor 152-12 engines that flow from standard 20 volts outlets. 20-volt outlets are found in most houses in the kitchen or bathroom. This machine runs at AMP 16.2 which means that if you try to run additional lights or equipment on the same circuit, it's likely to stumble. 

3. Koadess: This soft service engine produces noise while running. If you use it in a large room or outdoors, the sound will not be a problem. But if you plan to run a machine in a small room or a quiet environment, know that you will experience the sound of the machine in the middle of your party. 

4. The amount of ice cream: Taylor manufacturer said that the Taylor 152 engine produces 120 (4 ounces) portions every hour or 2 servings per minute. If you plan to have a big party or reception, you have several choices. First, you can decide to rent two machines to keep the ice cream flow all night. 

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