The benefits and uses of using a stainless steel straw

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There are many reasons why you should switch to stainless steel straws. Here are a few that are listed below:


Haven't we polluted the earth enough yet? The manufacture of plastic products releases a variety of carcinogenic, destructive and neurotoxic chemicals into the atmosphere. These products eventually enter our ecology by polluting the air, water and soil.

Teach your child the importance of turning to eco-friendly products such as environmental protection metal straws. This will encourage them to reduce their use of plastic products and recycle them. There are several renowned companies in the Netherlands like Blue Marche that are renowned for their high quality eco friendly stainless steel straws.

stainless steel straws

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Stainless steel straws are reusable and will last for centuries if cleaned properly. In addition, stainless steel does not extract chemicals or interact with the products you consume. While plastic straws can only be used once and absorb harmful chemicals.

Easy to clean

Rest assured, cleaning stainless steel straws is as simple as possible. Most metal straws are dishwasher safe. So all you have to do is rinse the straw and throw it in the dishwasher and you're done.

Not only are straw dishwashers discreet, they also come with their own cleaning brush to ensure every inch of straw stays loose. The best part is that the cleaning brush is also great for cleaning sports bottles and drinking glasses.

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