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Weight loss and heart disease correlation

                                                There is lot of correlation between heart disease and obesity.  There are lots of data and researches showing the rise in both.  As the rate of obesity has risen over the years, so has the rate of heart disease.  You can get more detail and information at my Lose Fat Nashville reviews blog.  I will explain how heart disease and obesity are related.  And how one ingredient or supplementation can reduce your risk of heart disease.

                                                Our heart has one function, which is to pump blood which is carrying oxygen to our organs.  When we are healthy and at good weight level this process works without much interference.  But as we start living bad lifestyle not only it causes us to look fat from outside but our body goes thru change inside as well.  Now there are more free radicals which damage the blood vessels causing the plaques to form.  Also being obese, our body had to make new blood vessels to provide blood thru the body.  Those blood vessels are under pressure for all the fat that we have added in our body.  So now the heart has to work fast and higher pace to move blood thru the body and over time this can cause heart to fail.  So losing weight has great benefits.  Taking arginine supplements can help as well because arginine dilates blood vessels which make blood to move easily.