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The Advantages Of Using Nic Salt E-Liquids

Nic salts are a sort of nicotine that exactly matches the way nicotine forms easily in the tobacco leaf. Where conventional e-liquids use a liquid, freebase nicotine which is alkaline, nic salts are acidic in nature. 

There are many advantages to using a nic salt e-liquid, particularly if you are new to vaping and using an e-cigarette as a device to help you quit smoking. You can also buy the best nic salts e-liquids in Canada via vapemeet.ca/collections/salted-e-liquids/salt-nicotine.

Nicotine delivery

Nic salts invade the bloodstream much more rapidly than traditional over-the-counter nicotine, usually within 7-10 seconds of inhalation; This means that the impacts of nicotine are felt much quicker and thus cravings for nicotine are satisfied more quickly, which often means users don't have to use their devices for as long or as often as they would use e-liquids on a free basis. 

This, in turn, could mean that a bottle of electronic liquid with nic salt will last longer on the user than its free base counterpart.

A Smoother Vape

Due to their acidic nature, liquid nic salts produce a smooth and beautiful vapor. Freebase e-liquids, on the other hand, can feel quite sharp in the throat in high concentrations like 12 mg and 18 mg, some people have a "sore throat" and therefore traditional e-liquids are perfect for their vaping needs. 

However, for vapers looking for a high-quality e-liquid that allows for more comfortable vaping with less throat hit, the nic salt e-liquid fits the bill.