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Buying a Super Big screen television

Whoever said money can't buy happiness has probably never seen a 65-inch plasma HDTV. There's something about a behemoth of the television sitting in your living room or (even better) your bedroom. Life just seems to be life-size with a big-screen television.

The surprising thing is, owning a huge TV isn't as expensive as it used to be as Ewan Jones from Booths – one of the foremost tv shops in Aberdeen explains . And if you've ever bought an HDTV before – even if it was a 22-incher, you just have to practically apply the same rules. You need to think about the black level quality, response times, viewing angles, Internet connectivity, HDMI ports, the display technology and so on.

Believe it or not, the market isn't a two-way race between LCDs and plasmas. Rear projection televisions are still around and so are those OLEDs. Well, you won't have to worry about those OLEDs because they only make them for small screens and we're here to get them big-screen television. The great thing about the main technologies – LCD and plasma – is that you simply get better, brighter and more vivid pictures on them. And they reflect ambient light less. And who can ever resist a television that at 65 inches of spread is no more than a couple of inches thick, as you can get with a flatscreen? 

So basically, what display technology should you go with? LED or plasma? The thing is, when it comes to the really large screens, plasma has the distinct advantage. While the LCD manufacturers have been concentrating on smaller size screens for the most part, plasma always started at 42 inches. They don't have a small screen to think about.

Since plasmas specialize in large screens, they're cheaper and better. And you know how those LED people keep boasting how they have LEDs all over the screen to help with more accurate lighting? How can they ever compete with plasma where every single pixel is its own light? You have better picture consistency, better contrast, less saturation, and they are just better with fast motion. Large-screen LCDs are only just beginning to catch up to the kind of speed levels that plasma has always taken for granted.

Of course, since plasma screens are all glass, they could be a bit heavy. Also since they are glass, they're going to reflect light from your window. If you can set these aside though, you're really going to enjoy plasma technology – it’s mature technology to go with in the big-screen television business.

When you actually buy that big-screen television, don't do it entirely online. Specifications can only tell you so much. You mustn't buy anything until you actually get to see what it looks like.