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Selecting Mountain Bike – Things to Consider

Mountain bikes come in many shapes and sizes, adapted to suit the ability, riding style, and budget of anyone who wants to get out on the trails.

For someone just getting started, it can be very confusing and even frustrating, trying to figure out which mountain bike is right for you. This post will provide some guidance and places to get you started.

Selecting Mountain Bike - Things to Consider

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What kind of terrain you plan to ride and what skill level you are. This is because it is important, today, a mountain bike ride designed for a specific type and condition.


Hardtail – hardtails called because they do not have the rear suspension. It is generally cheaper than bikes Full-Suspension. Also, all things being equal, be more efficient in the climb.


Want to start an all-out the commotion? Standing in the middle of Bike Park your local park and shouted, "29'ers RULE!!!!". One of the most heated debates in every MTB Forum, today, is what best MTB wheel size is. The most common, as of the writing of this post is 26 ", 27.5", and 29 "wheels. For many years, the only size available is 26".


Bicycle frames come in a variety of materials. Things that you want to consider are endurance, flexibility, weight, and cost.

STEEL – Used to be that of steel frames, while providing good durability and flex, too heavy. These days, manufacturers are making some relatively lightweight steel frame which now virtually eliminates weight concerns. However, lighter, higher-end steel frame that comes at a cost.