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Partnership with a Good Transcription Company – How Vital is it?

When you have a business up and running you must be on the lookout for various methods to cut costs and improve customer relationship. When you have an impressive national and international following you need to make sure that you are able to reach them quickly. The faster the reach the better the rapport with your customers. When you are running a business, believe it or not you have to get a lot of transcription jobs done (sometimes even translation). Some entrepreneurs think that making their regular employees work on a transcription job will eliminate extra costs. Unfortunately, that it is not to be. Your regular employees can never take the place of regular transcriptionists. And if you are thinking of creating a different department just for transcripting documents, you are wrong there too. If you don’t have regular work for your transcription staff, what will they do? How are you going to pay them when they don’t have work? So the best thing you can do is hire a transcription company. Your company can enter into a kind of partnership with them where they can transcribe all your official documents as and when the need arises.

Transcription is done on the following arenas:

· Conferences

· Interviews

· Meetings

· Group Discussions

· Seminars

· Television shows

When you hire a transcription company, go for certified professionals. When they are experts at transcribing documents you don’t have to hold their hand while they do their job. Make sure the transcriptionist working for the transcription company has grasped your instructions before you entrust them with the job. Inform them about the type of formatting you need, so your document will be readable by a large number of people. If you want the transcription to be typed in easy to ready simple looking paragraphs, you have to say so. When you want formatting like sub heads, italicized writing, titles and so on, the price will vary according to that. If you want a quick job, then it is better to give up on the formatting. Make sure the audio is pretty audible when you give them for transcription. Noisy records will take time and it will cost you more.

Here is the list of positives when you hire a good transcription company:

· Complete understanding of audio recording and video recording if need be

· Ability to understand the different jargons used in recording (doctors use medical terms and lawyers use legal terms)

· Accuracy with which the job is done

· Speed of turnaround and quality of job

· Good command of language

· Good editing skills

· Knowledge of topic is not mandatory, but it is a desirable quality