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The benefits and drawbacks of traditional stamps

What is the difference between any ordinary rubber stamp and a self inking stamp? Are you worried as to which type of stamp is perfect for you?

Here is a guide to help you choose between the two stamps. In this article, we will primarily focus on the size of traditional stamps and not on self inking stamp. The need for a larger stamp is not necessarily required but you can get one if needed.

Traditional rubber stamps benefits

  • Can be very large in size.
  • Can leave large and impressions than self-inking stamps
  • Images and text both can be made of these stamps.
  • Small sized dates can be made on the stamp in very small spaces.
  • Large characters can be printed on stamps.
  • Small stamps can make changes to their brands
  • The stamp provides letter bands installation.


  • The small images being smaller in size than the handle are not easy to imprint.
  • On improper care, the paper can be marked with very small images being smaller than the handle.
  • The stamp is limited to the size of the inkpad.
  • Larger inkpads are quite expensive.
  • Stamps that are larger in size are hard to deliver a high quality stamp in every impression.

The traditional rubber stamps can be made of any size and shape but everything does come with a price.