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How To Help Someone With Depression

Depression is a very common illness, affecting 1 in 5 people. Most of us have someone in our life that suffers from this often-crippling disorder. It is not hopeless; however, there are treatments and support out there, along with many success stories.

It can be difficult for people with depression to ask for help, they may not even realize they need help. Depression can be cunning, tricking the brain into thinking things are not so bad. It can put sufferers into a state of denial.

The good news is that there are ways to help those suffering from the depression. Let them know you are there to listen. Reserve judgment, set aside the urge to compare your experiences to theirs, and listen without bias. Be a reliable figure in their life.

While having a support system is key to getting healthy, medical treatment may be required. You can talk to this person gently and advise them to speak to their doctor and reassure them that seeking medical help is not a sign of weakness.

A lot of people with depression worry that others will stop loving them or leave them. Let them know you care for them and will support them. Check in on them occasionally with a text message or email. Include them in activities – even if you're sure they'll say no, invite them to things so they feel included, which will give them a sense of normalcy. Check this Danish blog http://terapi-coaching.dk/parterapi/ and know how to deal with depression.