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Stun Flashlight Is The Ultimate Non-Lethal Self Defense Tool

Today, everyone should be concerned with their safety. We can never be too careful. There is crime and danger almost everywhere we go. This is why personal protection items are growing in popularity everyday.

The fact that the stun gun flashlight is a device you can use on a daily basis is what really sets it apart from its peers and what makes the device so extraordinary.

Stun devices, especially stun batons are wonderful non-lethal self-defense tools but how often will they really be used?

The best feature of the stun gun flashlights is that it can stun anyone that tries to attack you, your home or your family. It will bring anyone to their knees almost immediately. It has enough power to overwhelm their central nervous system making them helpless while you make your escape and call the police. You can also view now the detailed information about of self- defence products online.

In other words it takes away the attackers ability to control their own body so it doesn't matter how tough the attacker is or how high their pain threshold.

With traditional handheld stun devices one must actually be touching an attacker in order for the device to work and subsequently subdue the attacker whereas with a stun baton one does not need to be nearly as close to an attacker in order for the baton to do the same job. The best analogy for this is to think about a boxer.

Pelican Tactical Flashlight Guide To Buy

The 8060 LED Pelican tactical flashlight beams a powerful shot of light by using 190 lumens and it is a rechargeable model that uses 4 C-sized batteries or a NiMH battery pack. It has a running usage time of six hours and is almost thirteen inches in length. It has a no slipping grip and this particular Pelican flashlight has the option of including a portable charger for charging from a vehicle. The 4 C-sized batteries have sixty hours of life to offer but make the flashlight weight increase double to almost 24 ounces.

The 7060 Lithium Heavy Duty Rechargeable Pelican flashlight offers a beam produced by 130 lumens and uses LED white light bulbs. This tactical light by Pelican uses a single 3.7 volt lithium 2200 mAh battery that is rechargeable with a running time of an hour and a half and it features a low battery notification system. This Pelican flashlight uses dual switch technology for one handed, quick operation and typically comes with a holder for charging and a starter set of batteries.You can  also know about  finest pepper spray online through the web.

The M6 2390B Pelican tactical light uses 3 watt LED bulbs that are guaranteed to last at least ten thousand hours. It uses 123A batteries and usually comes with a holder and a pouch to keep backup batteries.


How To Troubleshoot Your Flashlight

Sometimes your flashlight may not work as you may want it to. This could be due to a number of problems that you may not be aware of. As such, you would need to troubleshoot it so that you can be bale to tell what the problem would be. If your led flashlights are not working in the best way possible, there are a number of things that you may need to check with these flashlights.

You need not panic if your LED flashlight has stopped working. You can easily fix the problem by doing a number of things. You need to double-check your source of light. Are the batteries new? Could it be that the batteries have run out of charge? Should this be the case, you will then need to replace the batteries with new ones so that you can be assured of bright light beams.

If your flashlight uses rechargeable batteries, you will need to charge it. If it uses batteries such as lithium, you may consider charging the flashlight so that you can be sure that it is working. You may also need to clean the contacts. The terminals that make contact with the batteries need to be cleaned so that there is no corrosion that may cause them not to work. You can clean by the use of alcohol.

Learn To Use A Stun Gun For Your Self Defense

With the number of street crimes rise steeply in every state, a lot of people have chosen to protect and defend themselves and their loved ones with stun guns.

Of course, we are the first brand of defense against anyone wanting to do us harm. However, many of these people don't really know how to use a stun marker to effectively defend independently against an attacker or attackers. 

First of most, if you are a stun gun owner practice deploying it on you or other people, with the power switch off, of course. And remember that the stun gun must be touching the assailant to offer the proper voltage. You can alsp buy self defense products at guarddog-security for your safety.

Furthermore, if you feel that you will definitely be in a dangerous situation or you're feeling a little nervous of a situation, have your stun gun with your hand and ready to go. In other words, have your stun marker out and ready in circumstances that you do not feel comfortable in. So if anyone tries to attack you, push the stun switch and you will hear and see a power discharge between the a pair of metal probes. Touch the attacker with all the probes while pushing the stun switch. 

Now, if you need to get your attacker straight down fast, the best parts of the body to strike are; the top shoulder, the lower rib cage plus the upper hip areas. On top of that, the stun gun could put your attacker away from commission in various ways according to how long you keep it for the attacker. !

How To Select The Best Tactical Flashlight

A considerable number of people have questions about spotlights. In this article, I will try to incorporate all the points regarding flashlights. Although, it might not cover each plausibility or circumstance; I'm just attempting to give enough broad learning to empower somebody who has no experience of any sort to feel like they can start searching for the right light.

We should begin with a brief aggregate up of why electric lamps make such awesome instruments. A decent flashlight can be utilized to control, muddle, and confound an aggressor in low to typical light circumstances. Along these lines, undoubtedly, it is the light a portion of flashlight that is the way to making it a magnificent device.

At the point when looking for an electric lamp, you will discover two primary sorts of lighting strategies – radiant and LED. You can choose the best one such as x800 flashlight according to your needs. Brilliant is the light that the vast majority are accustomed to seeing. It comprises of a solitary fiber light that sticks through the leader of the light at the base of the lens lodging. The globule is ensured by a plastic or glass spread. These spotlights can, truth be told, blaze splendidly; however recall that in a way they are smoldering. They create a considerable measure of warmth and can be somewhat delicate; their fibers may not take much mishandle. These lights will surge a range with light that is practically yellowish in shading.