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Safety Tips While Using Scaffolding – Transom Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support material and work crew, normally at heights to aid them in construction of buildings, repair and maintenance of building, construction of bridges and man made structures. Increase in infrastructural development in Sydney has led to increase in demand of scaffolder on hire. You have the option to buy scaffolding equipment or get Scaffolder on hire. If you are willing to hire scaffolder services across Sydney, you may get a couple of good options such as Transom Scaffoldings. Here are some of the safety tips to be considered while using or hire a scaffolder:

Proper Training

Proper training to work staff is necessary before working with hire scaffolds. Construction companies in Sydney Scaffolding must ensure safety regulations are adequately followed. Provide training on working on, getting on and off scaffolding, prevention of falls and emergency response mechanism.

Review the Site

Review of building or construction site wherever in Sydney before installation of scaffolder on hire is important. Let your work staff have a good view of the site to develop familiarity. Identify potential hazards and develope means to cope with them. Reviewing the site is not a one time but continuous process.


Ensure that inspection is adequately carried out by experts before installation of scaffolding. Periodical inspection should be given due importance and the same should be adequately accounted for. Look for deficiencies and provide for quick solutions to any discrepancy or deficiency.

Using Protection / PPE

You are working in a random site in Sydney, make sure crew is using protection equipment such as helmets ,non slip footwear, fall prevention gear and possibly harnesses. Scaffolds must be perfectly balanced while installation to minimise risk of break down or falling.

Load Capacity and Secured Platform

Have a proper assessment of different type of loads that material will be under during construction and set up. Avoid overloading the platform.

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The construction process tend to face many hassle but with some quality services the whole process can be a safe and pleasurable ride. If you are in search of such solutions then you certainly need to begin your journey with the most prominent one that is surely going to help you is scaffolding for hire.

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With the help of this, you can be sure that everything remain in control. You will get the most flexible designs and options when you seek a reliable provider. You can be double sure that the quality of the scaffolding that you are seeking is perfect. This will ensure complete safety of the workers.

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