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Benefits of Soy Candles In Australia

Everything is better by candlelight. While some candles are only meant to be used as a decoration, others need to be lit in order to get full enjoyment from them.

Soy scented candleare becoming increasingly popular for several good reasons. Burning oil-based candles produce soot. While completely soot-free candles are not yet possible, natural soy wax candles come closest to this.

There are many companies available that provide the best candles online.

Some types of paraffin wax are of concern because the wick contains lead. Not all paraffin wax contains a wick with lead bonds, but you certainly don't want to let such a case happen to you.

It is known that small pets in the house, such as birds, cats, and small breed dogs, get sick or even die from toxins produced by burning paraffin wax with a lead wick. Of course, it is also advisable to keep such candles away from children and the elderly.

When burned, natural soy wax does not produce harmful emissions like paraffin wax. You will find that soy wax candles tend to burn more slowly than other candles of a suitable size. This means you get a candle that delivers more scent for the money. On average, soy wax candles last thirty percent longer than petroleum-based candles.