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Merits and Demerits of Buying Twitter Followers

For those not acquainted with Twitter, it is essentially an online photo and video sharing platform that gives you an option of adding digital filters to your content and also allowing you to share your content through other social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter is a fun way to share, discover and communicate with friends and strangers. Since the program is online based, it can easily be accessed by millions from all parts of the world, and because of this, it can be used as an advertising vehicle for a business. Acquiring many followers can be a difficult and time-consuming activity, especially if you or your business is now and barely known. An easy and amazing way to solve this hurdle is by learning how to buy followers on Twitter. The following are some merits and demerits of buying Twitter followers.


By buying followers, your business will look credible, reliable and popular. This way, acquiring more followers will be easier for your page and many will view content. Secondly, buying Twitter followers will give you more exposure and hence giving your products a greater market that may result in greater profits. Third advantage is that buying Twitter followers is considerably cheaper compared to other forms of advertising such as using radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. in addition to this, buying Twitter followers enables you to receive feedback from your followers and this feedback can help you make your product better. By buying several Twitter followers, you increase your chances of your pictures appearing in the platform's newsfeeds and this will expose you to millions of users. Since Twitter is an easy to use platform, you can effectively do it on your own without having to employ any marketing professionals and as a result saving on some costs. Buying Twitter followers may give you other income generating partnerships with other companies, for example, affiliate marketing, paid surveys, promotions, etc. Buying Twitter followers for personal use can increase one's self-esteem and confidence. In addition to this, it can be a great way to uplift the moods of a loved one whenever their self-esteem is low or after a big moment in their life such as a big basketball game or a musical performance.


Whenever you buy Twitter followers, the followers might be automated or machine generated, and this type of followers will bring little benefit to you. Secondly, buying Twitter followers does not give you followers from your target market, for example, if your product is targeting university students, you are not guaranteed that the follows you buying are of university students. The strategy of buying Twitter followers primarily as an advertisement vehicle may not be solely productive.


In the long run, be it for business or personal uses, buying Twitter followers will definitely increase your popularity status. Something to consider before you buy Twitter followers is to do some research on the company that is selling the followers and this way you can buy real human owned followers and not machine generated followers."