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Standout Brands In Lift Slings

Handling patients manually can prove to be dangerous for both the patient and the caregiver. Slings are safe and can be used to lift, transfer, or lower patients with mobility problems.

Slings have the advantage of reducing the number of people required to move the patient and easing the stress on caregivers. It is important to make sure your patient is comfortable throughout the entire lift. You can buy lifts for patients through http://www.lisclare.com/slings/hygiene-slings/.

It is also important to emphasize that every transfer should be evaluated and performed by a trained and qualified carer. You should not attempt to transfer someone without proper training.

As if the patient were in a recovery position, ensure that they are comfortable on their sides. The sling should be laid on the patient's side, half-rolled. This will prevent any discomfort or pain during the lift.

Once the sling is in the right position, you can safely place the patient on it

Carers should gently roll the patient onto their back, and then position their arms on either side. Roll them by placing your palm on their back and the other hand on their thighs.

Next, locate the leg-support pieces that will go underneath the patient's legs and ensure that the modesty loop fits correctly. This process should be repeated for the shoulder straps. Attach the proper length of the spreader bar.

You should also check if the patient requires head support. If they do, you should use the appropriate strap. The universal high sling does not have head control so it should not be used for patients with a need to support their head.