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For the beginners it is very important to know how to thread a sewing machine in the correct way. It helps you in proper sewing and gives you perfect stitching quality. Many sewers complain that their sewing machines are not capable of stitching and they think that buying an expensive sewing machine than their present one will solve the problem they don’t understand that if the sewing machine is not threaded properly then it will fail to give any good result. So, whether you have a 100 bucks sewing machine or a 1000 dollar one if you are unaware to thread your sewing machine properly then it is useless for you. Before you blame your sewing machine you better learn about how to thread a sewing machine.

To thread a sewing machine you must follow these steps

Step 1

Make the needle of the sewing machine high in its position by the help of a hand wheel or by pressing the button for raising the needle upwards.

Step 2

Lift the presser foot to separate the tension discs and make sure the thread moves freely without any obstacle.

Step 3

On the spool pin keep the spool of thread and do not forget to place the spool cap.

Step 4

Drag the thread over the top area of the machine passing along the first thread guide. Make sure that the thread easily unrolls from the spool pin.

Step 5

Pull the thread down to the tension disc and till the next thread guide comes in the way.

Step 6

Lift the thread up and pass the thread through the slot or hole in the take up lever.

Step 7

If there any thread guides left then pass the thread from those guides finally to the needle eye. There are some sewing machines that consists fixed needle threaders that rapidly threads the needle.

Step 8

Fit a bobbin by making sure the correct rotational direction also make sure that the bobbin tension spring is occupied. 

Step 9

Lift the presser foot and grip the needle thread while raising and lowering the needle which helps in looping the top thread throughout the bobbin thread.

Step 10

Drag the end of the needle thread to bring the bobbin thread near the stitch plate to the needle hole then pull the ends of the bobbin and needle thread together under the presser foot and start sewing.

There are some sewing machines in which the threading system is slightly change but the steps that you have just passed from are the basic one that are eligible for almost all kinds of sewing machines. If you do not know how to thread a sewing machine then sewing and stitching perfectly is impossible for you.