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Marketing Your Healthcare Office with Promotional Products

Starting a new medical practice or growing an existing practice can be a stressful experience. Most doctors leave medical school with years of medical education, not marketing. Finding ways to maximize your marketing or advertising budget is the key to achieving success in marketing practices.

Make sure you enter not only the name of your practice but also your telephone number on each promotional item you provide. Include your website address, if applicable. Keep your contact information front and center so there is no reason not to contact. You can also visit www.luxfordprint.com.au/referral-pads to get medical printing services online.

Pay attention to these tips about using promotional products and incorporate them into your practice marketing strategy. Launch a direct mail campaign. Whether your office is just starting, or you are looking for new patients, direct mail is a relatively inexpensive marketing tool with good tracking capabilities.

Choose your target audience, offer incentives, and include products that are easy to get such as magnets with calendars, small notepad or pens with your contact information printed on it. Attend a health exhibition at a local business.

Many local businesses hold annual health fairs for their employees. This is a great way to get your name out and interact with potential clients. Prepare a booth with information about your practice. Give a pedometer, a specially shaped stress reliever, or a carrying case for everyone present.

Start a series of educational open houses. Advertise this series in a local newspaper, invite patients and prospective patients, and encourage them to bring friends.