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Windows and Doors: Understanding Energy Performance

Homeowners who shop around for the windows and doors are most concerned about performance. Luckily for homeowners, Fenestration Rating Council National rank in all kinds of Energy Star windows. Companies that manufacture windows and doors are not required to use this rating system, but a lot of them. Before you buy a new window or door, to learn about what these ratings mean. You can check out the window installation in Winnipeg to get the perfect instructor for your home.

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Understand U-Factor

U-factor is the level of the windows, doors or skylights perform non-solar heat flow. Just as in golf, the lower number is better – a lower number refers to a higher level of energy efficiency.

One thing to consider when comparing the U-factor is whether it covered the entire window or door or just a glass. However, if you get a U-factor of the National Fenestration Rating Council and not the manufacturer, you can be sure that the rating includes a frame and spacer material, as well as glass.

Understanding of Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

Ranked else to consider is the solar heat gain coefficient. It measures the solar radiation that is released into the house. The lower the solar heat gain coefficient, the less heat is released, which is ideal for a warm climate throughout the year.