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Improve Direct Mail Response Rates With Promotional Products

Direct mail is a proven marketing tool that generates new business. Promotional products are also a good marketing strategy. Numerous research studies have proven that giving away promotional products increases a company’s client base. 

Combining promotional products with direct mail can significantly increase response rates. Experts believe that a combination of a promotional product and direct mail can improve the response rate by up to 50%.

promotional direct mail

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A local mortgage company located in a specific city is one example of a real-life case study. This company used direct mail exclusively in the past. After learning the benefits of combining direct mail strategies and promotional products, the company decided to make a change. A promotional consultant was hired by a company to help them create the perfect scenario. 

They also included both marketing strategies in one campaign. This business already used a mailing list that the company's marketing director had established. 

Every recipient was sent a personal letter explaining the details of the legal restrictions and advertising a specific interest rate. The packaging clearly indicated that the material was urgent and time-sensitive. The letter invited potential clients to plan to buy their first home, refinance or upgrade their current home. 

Direct mail marketing is a method used by marketers to reach prospects and customers offline. It includes sending printed mailers, dimensional boxes, perishable products, corporate swag, and other items.