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4 Common Myths About Promotional Items

Giving customers promotional products on a regular basis makes things work magically in the favour of the company by ensuring a sense of happiness and gratitude among the customers as well. If you are still contemplating whether or not you should invest in getting promotional products for your company, here are some myths answered that might help you reach a decision.


1. It is a common myth that people do not use promotional products and giveaways that come free. People appreciate free stuff and love using it as well. When the customers are loyal to the product, they feel pride in carrying a product with the brand logo on it. Several surveys have proven that people appreciate promotional products.

2. Another myth says that it is not possible to measure the ROI of the promotional items. It is wrong as well. The products are completely trackable and all facilities like QR codes, phone numbers and card credentials make it easier to track.

3. Earlier thoughts were that the promotional products are really expensive to mass produce and therefore it is an expense not all companies can afford if their revenue is not up to the mark. However, the truth is that you can produce any promotional product based on your profit.

4. Many marketers believe that cheap is the way to go. They fail to understand that the only reason a promotional product is given away is not to invest something just for the sake of promotion but to instil a sense of loyalty. That can only be done with decent products and not cheap ones.

Now that you know, decide and make your brand flourish like it should.