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5 Amazingly Beautiful Ideas to Tone-up Your White Bathroom

Coffs Harbour bathrooms

Bright, clean, and fresh white bathrooms always feel luxurious. But even those can look boring and sterile at times if not taken proper care of. However, you can add some elements to make yours look fresh and clean without being boring.

  1. Bold Colours: Mix your white bathroom with simple items like cabinetry, tiles, floor rugs, and other items in bold shades for a brilliant appearance.
  2. Nature: Place some live pot plants in your white bathroom. They will not just add fresh appeal and colour but also filter and clean the air to provide you with a healthy environment. Ensure that you select the correct indoor plants for your bathroom.
  3. Shades: Sometimes, the bathroom could look sterile and cold. Adding shades of ivory and cream will make it feel luxurious and warm. Then, you can use a tapware feature to underline the space perfectly.
  4. Feature Wall: If you can’t carry yourself to fully embrace white, add depth and colour with a feature wall. You can create the effect with simple feature tiles in 1 place of the room or use distinct coloured floor tiles. However, the main part of the space remains white, creating a timeless, clean, and fresh look.
  5. Change Your Accessories: The cost-effective and simplest method to liven up the bathroom is adding coloured accessories. Towels are interchangeable and inexpensive options to add shades. Accessories like loofas, floor mats, brushes, toothbrush holders, potion jars, and lotion are other options to add a personal touch.

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