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Outdoor Kitchens – Selecting Your Appliances

Your outdoor kitchen can be simple or luxurious depending on your needs, wants and budget. In general, if you only plan to cook outside, you will need a grill, granite countertop, and a side stove. If you want to serve drinks too, add a fridge, ice maker and bar to your must-have list. You can also buy outdoor kitchen drawers via the internet.

What if the sky was the limit? Consider adding a dishwasher, TV surround screen, gas fire pit, water element, stainless steel electric heating drawer, and low voltage lighting. Serious chefs will want a high-performance burner.

If you want to be more conservative and only want to install what you need, consider an outdoor kitchen location with a kitchen in your room. You won't want to walk around the room all the time getting the things you need to cook. You may want to have dishes, cooking utensils, running water, ice, and an outdoor cooler.

Here are some suggestions for your equipment:

Grill: Check out the Patio Series Patio Grill, which shows the campus team logo and colors. The unique grill and smoker all-in-one comes in a large green egg in five sizes. With the Kalamazoo Gourmet outdoor hybrid grill, you can cook on charcoal, gas and wood at the same time.

Design Finish: The Atlantis open kitchen offers three options: a cooking station (including a fridge), a grill station, and an entertainment station (including a cocktail station and refrigerator).

Pizza oven: Kalamazoo's handmade stainless steel pizza oven bakes and cooks breads and pizzas.