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Oregano Oil In Animal Production

There is growing interest in the use of natural additives in food production, for example, the use of phytogenic feed additives, particularly for use in pigs and poultry. 

Essential oils are a natural alternative that can be used in animal feed because of their potential health benefits, improved properties, and meat production. 

Oregano essential oil minimizes the degradation of meat due to transport stress or modification of microorganisms from ruminants. This review offers a promising development of a natural food preservative against spoilage of microorganisms in the food system from the use of oregano essential oil. 

oregano oil for animals

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Oregano essential oil is effective in controlling the growth of microorganisms. However, for meat quality, special attention should be paid to the optimal dosage of oregano essential oil and meat processing to control or enhance the physical, chemical, and sensory properties of the meat.

The positive effects associated with dietary OEO consumption may, however, be more pronounced in other areas, for example in immune modulation and changes in blood counts. In sows, increase their reproductive capacity , reduce oxidative stress, and increase the efficiency of the offspring.

 Oregano essential oil can also be used to relieve transport stress as it improves antioxidant status.Finally, animals that were fed 1000 ppm OEO produced good quality meat with minimal fat oxidation.

The effectiveness of oregano essential oil in slowing down oxidative changes in meat has been widely demonstrated. Adding oregano essential oil is a great way to preserve meat and can replace synthetic antioxidants.