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If you turn on your television set and watch the news, you might come across new features of CBD being used as an alternative treatment for cancer patients and people suffering from other serious ailments such as epilepsy as well as chronic pain. While skeptics and fearmongers are quick to say that alternative treatments work solely based on placebo effect with no actual, tangible and medically as well as scientifically proven result, preliminary tests and researches on CBD do show tangible positive results. CBD oil for pain


The mainstream popularity of CBD in recent years can be attributed to the documentary created by Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN. The documentary, simply titled as “Weed”, was first aired in 2013, featuring a few CBD miracle stories to emphasize the positive effects of CBD oil to our health. Dr. Gupta further stated that contrary to the popular misconceptions, there are decades worth of research showing positive medicinal effects of CBD oil that are especially useful in treating convulsive disorders as well as seizures. After the documentary, more and more CBD oil or products based on CBD oil have cropped up, and now consumers have the choice of choosing between many different form of CBD, from pure CBD oil to topical ointment to vaporizes or even CBD pills and flavored gums. Unlike THC, CBD cannot get you “high” and is also completely legal in all 50 states, so there is no need for you to worry about any negative repercussions that you might get from purchasing CBD. If you cannot find CBD products near you, you can always order online and get them delivered straight to your doorsteps in a few business days. Recently, CBD has been increasingly popular as an alternative treatment for anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy, menstrual syndrome, and even cancer. cannabidoil and autism

Working in Oil and Gas Industry

We all know that oil and gas sector is very promising for jobseekers. I have decided to pursue a career in the area in the future.

 My father works in the aeronautic industry. One of his duties is to find supplier for the industry’s fuel and lubricants needs. For lubricating oil, my father has always partnered with oli gemuk castrol to supply the oil and grease needed by his company. It is one of the biggest and the most complete distributor oli in Indonesia.

My interest in the oil and gas sector

As for me, I inherit a bit of similar interest in the engineering world. I have always wanted to work in oil and gas sector after graduating university. Indonesia has many oil and gas mines which have and have not been exploited. Many big companies invest in the area. Therefore, there is always a big demand for professionals in this field.

I know the competition will be tough to work in the petroleum and gas sectors because I have to compete against thousand others who dream for the same jobs. This is because undoubtedly, oil and gas sector is very promising for jobseekers. Many people believe that working in this field will give them a bright future. Many oil and gas companies offer interesting packages to lure talented and high quality employee. Besides these benefits, there is also a certain pride when somebody manages to work in the field.

My plan to be a geophysicist

After graduating high school, I will take geophysics major in the university. From some research I have done, the position of a geophysicist is always open in oil and gas industry. A geophysicist’s job is to calculate and analyses the physical condition of the earth before the exploration is conducted. I will work both in the field and inside the Lab if I can become a geophysicist in an oil mining industry.

At the moment, I can only study as best as I can so I can get admitted to a good university. Sometimes, I also read my Dad’s works when he analyzes engines’ performance in the industry, or when he selects the best lubricants to order from a oli gemuk exxon mobil