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Ozone Generators in the Kitchen

The kitchen should be a place of food, fun, and family. Delicious pastries can be made, dinners can be planned, and a game night or two can be played on the kitchen table. The thing is, whenever you cook food, particles of it get into the air. These particles can cause bacteria to grow and the odors of those foods might stick around.

They can get on the walls and in your fabrics all around the kitchen, making it a very smelly area. Fortunately, an ozone generator can help kill and destroy these microbes that are causing these smells. Odors are destroyed by ozone because of the oxygen molecules. They are very reactive, oxidizing any particle in the air and usually destroying it.

Damage Control 911 of Orlando tells us that ozone generators can be used in all rooms, including kitchens. While things like curry and grease can stink up the room, an ozone generator can eliminate these odors. Ozone is dangerous to breathe in, but if you use it safely, it is practically unmatched.

Never be in the same room as an ozone generator. Make sure that there is no one in the room, including pets and plants. They will also be affected by the ozone generator, so make sure to use it in an unoccupied space.